Janet Mehling



Birthday parties at Revelation Martial Arts usually involve some high kicks and rolls but for the first time, Mason Mehling turned the gym into an epic nerf gun battleground.


“Our son said it was his best birthday party ever!!” said Mason's mom, Janet.


Mason and his friends had a lot of nerf battles in the large padded gym. Sensei John had a target for the boys to shoot as well as “Bob” the gyms sparring dummy and after awarded all the kids medals.


“We were just so happy with everything John did to make Mason’s party a success,” said Janet, “we chose RMA because it is clean, a perfect spot to not lose nerf darts and balls, padded floor and a very reasonable price.”


Mason cut his cake with the samurai sword, under the watchful eye of Sensei.


“As a parent, it was wonderful,” said Janet, “John had gone above and beyond. We could bring what we wanted as far as snacks and drinks, it was so clean, and John had all the mats set up and ready for us to battle. It was totally stress-free and well organized. I already have recommended RMA to a number of people. We were thrilled with it all.”