Sensei John has 20 plus years of various styles of Martial Arts experience. His passion for Martial Arts keeps him striving to continuously grow in knowledge by learning new techniques and ideas. Sensei John holds a Black Belt in Ninjutsu and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Curtis Bringham of W.A.M.M.A . With holding these belts and his 20 plus years of experience; Sensei John is trained to teach Ninjutsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Self-defence, Kickboxing and MMA.


Sensei John’s patient yet firm teaching style makes him an extraordinary Sensei. He enjoys laughing with his students while teaching them Skills, Discipline, Focus and Respect for one’s Mind and Body. In turn maximizing his student’s potential and ability.  


Sensei John was born in Altona, Manitoba. He started school at the age of 4. Being the smallest and youngest child in every class, John was constantly picked on. John joined his first Martial Arts Dojo when he was 17 years old. While growing up, John trained horses and rode the rodeo circuit. Which is how he met his beautiful and supportive wife Tiffany. Together they opened their first Dojo in 2006 in Winkler, Manitoba. In 2009 they moved to Steinbach, Manitoba and opened Revelation Martial Arts. 

Tonya Revelation_edited.png

 Tanya has been training Judo for over 20 years. She was on the Manitoba provincial team and spent over 10 years fighting in tournaments all over North America.

 She is a multiple time provincial champion, a 7 time National competitor and a 2007 Canada Winter Games competitor.

 Tanya has also trained in BJJ, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

  Tanya looks forward to teaching the kids and adult Judo classes and finds great joy in their success!

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 Nick has been training and competing in various martial arts since 1994. His main focus was Kickboxing, Muay Tai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Nick currently holds a purple belt in BJJ under Rodrigo Munduruca. While still training he joined the military and was stationed in Edmonton where he had his first mma fight.

 Nick has an impressive fight record in all three sports (Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA) and is a former UFC fighter!

.12-3 pro mma record 5 knockouts 4 submissions

.2x Kickboxing champion

.Canadian Muay Thai champion

2-1 Pro Kickboxing champion (1 KO)

.3-0 Boxing (2 KO)

.UFC fight of the night winner

Nick is passionate about teaching and training his students and pushes them to be their best, both in the gym and outside in their day-day life.

We're so excited to welcome Kenneth Tomson to our staff as an assistant instructor in the kids Jiu Jitsu classes.


Mr. Kenny, as the kids call him, began taking Martial Arts in 2010 at Revelation and now proudly holds a brown belt in Ninjutsu.


Kenny loves working with kids so it was a natural fit for him to become Sensei John's assistant in the kids classes held every weekday.


“I find enjoyment from helping lower belts learn. That look of accomplishment when they finally learn the move is the best!” said Kenny.


The kids are having so much fun with Mr. Kenny!